Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This week is taking me down!

It all started very well.  I started my training, and kicked ass on the treadmill. Oh yes, I did.  Well...I did for me!  I ran 1 1/2 miles and then fast walked the same.  I felt incredible, and jiggly (my legs!).  And the rest of the day my head pounded.  Nothing could rid me from this banging in my head.  I am certain it was running induced.

ok, so I knew it was be a head pounding day, and I also knew tomorrow it would be gone, and I would rest, and run again on Wed!  Nope. Not so simple.  Monday night I was hit with sudden vertigo and then nausea, and Paige was screaming all over me, and I could not get her off of me.  With my whole house spinning around me, I told K to call Papa.  I felt like this until I got in bed, and as soon as I got babe to sleep, I fell asleep with an unhappy stomach.  The room stopped spinning as I closed my eyes, but I did wake all night with this horrible, early pregnancy-type of feeling.  Oh, the horror.  There is only one reason to ever feel this way, and that is only for a baby.  No thank you.  I have many babies, I need no more!

Tues I woke feeling better, but still not great.  Throughout the day, the nausea was here and there, and everywhere, but I wasn't dying.  And again, there is only one reason to go through this.  ...I don't think this was caused by my running!

Time for a quick insert.  This has been happening to me, off and on, since last summer!  I cannot find any pattern, but I feel it must be something hormonal.  I feel like I am in the beginnings of pregnancy, every few weeks and sometimes just every month.  Then, it often turns to PMS type gassy pain, and then it all goes away.  This is getting freaking old already.  I cannot get on with my life, if I keep getting sick like this.  I also have a Merina.  Now, this is my third Merina, but somehow, I feel that this one keeps making my sick.  I cannot track much because of it, but as of last summer, when I feel I began cycling after Paige (I usually begin cycling again when babies are 1) I have been going through this.  But how can it be?  It is the same birth control I have always used.

Now you may say, well, this is probably the way your body is handling your period.  Well, maybe.  But... one, I had PMS type symptoms, minus this horrible nausea and vertigo, two weeks ago, and I actually had a period that I could see.  (If you don't know, with an IUD, you don't always bleed.  For me, I rarely do!)  So, period last week, and then bam, hit with this this week.  And now, PMS symptoms right freaking now! I JUST HAD A PERIOD!

So I don't mean to be venting like crazy, on my blog of all places, but what the heck is going on in my body, only since I have had Paige.  Is it my extreme old age?  After K and M were born, everything was like it was before.  I can handle a swollen belly with gas, and cramps, but I cannot handle feeling pregnant almost allll the time!!!  I almost feel I should just try for my boy, so I can really be pregnant and  not deal with this.  (No, not really...but actually!)

So there is my nice photo of my journal for one day of training. Ugh.  I have a serious goal, and I need to get my butt running.  Let's hope tomorrow brings me a new day, and all this gone.  And I would appreciate it, oh mighty universe, if we could move on and I don't have to endure this crap anymore!  I need to run!!!


  1. i hate that for you. maybe tomorrow will be a fresh day with no yuck.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the comment on my portrait of Avery. If it helps when you're doing faces, I do a lot of comparing painted eye to photo eye, nose to nose, etc. on my computer when I'm doing a portrait. Sometimes it helps to see the parts broken down like that...

    And sounds like you're going through the ringer with your body!! I know in my experience, my body is pretty much falling apart after my third baby. Hormonal stuff that I never had any issues with are now presenting themselves after the third, so I chalk it up to having three kids, in addition to getting older. It's a pain though, for sure!

  3. Hormones are hell. Plain and simple.

    But maybe its not hormone related at all? Maybe its something else entirely. Do you still have your gallbladder? I know that sometimes it can trigger episodes just like what you described.

    Or, for me, with my Crohn's, the harder I work my body, the more physically sick I get.

    Aaaaaaaaanyways. Listen to your body. If it says "hey, running probably isn't a good idea today", then don't run. I know you've got a deadline that you want to meet, and man do I applaud you (because running is one of my passions), but don't push yourself too hard. You've got babies to take care of, and an entire life to run.

    Sending feel-better vibes your way.

  4. Awe, thank you three for your nice comments!


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