Thursday, February 3, 2011

I finished her, and some LOVE letters! (And a Friday Flashback, a wee bit early!)

she is very pretty.  she is a star.  she believes in herself.  she loves who she is.  she doesn't try to be anyone else.  be you.

I am giving another workshop this weekend.  A good good friend of mine, who looks very much like this pretty girl above, is hosting it for me in her house. I just show up, bring my messy necessities, and have some fun!  I am pretty excited, and it takes away a lot of work on my part, which I don't have energy for!!!

So, I have been working on Valentines stuff, which is fun, but not really my thing.  I rarely make anything that is holiday related.  But LOVE!  Love is everywhere.  My entire life is based on these four little letters.  So, no time wasted.  I can create all day and night about love, because that is ultimately what I do anyhow!  

I may not get anytime to do this later, so I am adding it now.  I have found this GREAT blog that I am in LOVE with.  It is and every Friday she hosts a linky thingy about flashbacks.  Sound fun to me!!!  But I never know when babe, and daughter, and daughter will let me be and do this, so I do it now, with todays post.  Her flashbacks are great, and I have no time to compete with the best.  I must say this here and now, because her blog is comment free, that I LOVE YOU Tia!!!  I can't take my eyes away from your family stories and fun narratives.  I love your style.  I love the parent you try to be.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  There are those four crazy letters again!

so, here is my flashback for this week.  I am linking it to her blog here!!! and my story is below.

I don't know why I was drawn to these, but the story is bittersweet to me.  This is, (if you know me) obviously, before Paige.  In fact, this little outing to Chipotles with Grandpa, was right after my horrible horrible, in the hospital twice, lost so much blood I fainted and threw up on the way to the ER, miscarriage.  Ugh, it was ugly.  UGLY.  I now know the feeling of waking up with four people lifting me onto a hospital bed (insert awful details here about being naked and too much blood), and not really knowing if I was ok or not.  I was white as a ghost, and had a pretty bad month of trying to miscarry this 14 week old baby.  A long day in the ER trying to stop my bleeding, and my mom jumped on a plane as fast as she could and was in Denver to help take care of me and my children.  (Now I need to add that she didn't have to do this.  We were fine, but WOW!  I felt so loved and cared for.  I cannot express!)

So a couple days in bed and I was feeling good, but a little traumatized, I must say.  My mom stayed a week and one fine spring Denver day, I got my butt out of that bed and decided to move on.  We stopped for lunch, and point in shoot in bag, I just started taking pics of my girls.  My lovely, healthy, girls, whom I adore the most.   Aren't they cute?  Man, this was 2 1/2 years ago.  They have grown into big older girls.  So different.  And of course, we now have Paige.  Paige, the cutest, naughtiest, smartest baby in the land.  I often feel it may be this babe that causes my death.  If I can survive her toddler years, I can do anything!


  1. Love the old pictures! I can't believe that that was only 2 years ago! The girls have changed so much. At first I was thinking they must be from before I had seen them, but I guess that's not the case :) Can't wait for Sunday!

  2. you look beautiful & happy! i'm sorry for you that you lost a baby. i lost 2 close together when brooke was 3, though, not in the naked at the hospital kind of way. traumatic none-the-less. and it's made me very thankful for the one healthy, wacky girl i get to parent & hug.
    i like your letters. and how some are the letters & some are the outlines around them.

  3. I'm so very sorry you had to go through that. Miscarriage is hard, but having to go through it the way you did is unimaginable. That baby is having the time of his/her life with our twins right now!

  4. Your older daughters are just gorgeous! They both look just like you.

    That must have been a sad time for you, having that miscarriage. Lucky you had your mom and your girls there to be with you. And now you have your blessed little baby! :)

  5. The story of your miscarriage gave me goosebumps, even though you just kinda vaguely described it. I feel for you. I don't really have any words that you probably haven't already heard. Just know, mama to mama, that I feel for you.

    Also, how nice are YOU?! Saying such nice things about me and my blog?! ...thank you :)

    (I feel like I'm talking to myself, most of the time)

  6. hey there...yes...i love her to bits!!!oh you poor thing, but look at those beautiful kidlets!!!so so look great in these shots too, considering the trauma you just went through...yay you!!!!


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