Wednesday, January 18, 2012

another little peak

Good day to you!  I have for realz finished my four canvas set and I am elated by the outcome.  I learned a lot about my style, or lack of a clear-cut style, and how valuable experimenting and playing it to finding what really is mine!  I am excited to share these, and my goal for tomorrow is taking all the shots and putting them together to tell my little, very silly, story.

Horsey here is protecting the kitchen, turned studio, from clean-up!  She does a good job at it I think!

I have also thought a lot this week on where I need my focus to lie.  Networking, blogging, making my shop yes, but I think creating must come first.  This past week I completed four canvas pieces.  I let go of a lot of other important things, but I feel practice and learning must come first for me to get where I want.  I think those other things, which will still happen all year, will come naturally, but this is my year to make lots and lots of art!  (within the art spectrum, I also mean my photography, which btw, I have gone completely manual!!!) ...and with making lots of art, means submitting lots and lots of art.  This is my year, I tell you, and I will shine!


  1. oh..looks great and i love horsey ..i need one for my dining often wonder uf its bad that i don't gave a give most of my art away...i gave settled on a style too...but its aol similar to so many others...its just what i do best...can't do much about am working in your stuff...should be ready style is fun...i love it!..colourful like mine..i try and do subtle..but it just doesn't happen..ha ha....takecare

  2. Thank you for your comments. I am glad that you and your daughter are enjoying the gloves. It is cold enough here to wear mine all the time. I'm so happy that you finished your four pieces. I am looking forward to seeing them all together. I too have been trying to make a lot of art this year. I feel that I have to practice to get where I want to be artistically. I just hope that my house survives my arting.

  3. Wow... completing 4 pieces is wonderful! I love the little peek you showed us! :)

  4. What little bit I can see so far, is grand! I am so excited to see all four pieces. And I think you're pretty shiny already. :) You always brighten my day anyway! I look forward to seeing all that you do this year. I think you are off to a great start. I too, feel the same way about my art. I think I'm focused on the wrong things and I need to get back to just enjoying my art and doing what I love and learning new things along the way. It's a process, that is for sure. I wish all of us bloggy buddies could gather together for an art day or two or a week! haha! That would be so fun and inspiring. Art supplies, wine, coffee and good friends. :D Have a super happy day!

  5. YEAH! Shine on . . . . LOVING seeing your kitchen turned studio and your horsey is so cute! AND CAN"T wait for all of the pieces to come together - I have had so much fun with your sneak peaks! Enjoy, xoxoxo

  6. Love these sneek peaks! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!! Yep, you just keep submitting and you WILL shine, you are an incredibly talented artist!! :)



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