Thursday, January 26, 2012

A post of this and that!

oh this week...this crazy whirlwind of a week.  I am so glad we are nearing your end!  I have no painting for this friday, but I am ok with that.  This week has been one of those just-get-through-the-week kind of weeks!  Ups and downs and all are a few iphone pics, Instagram of course!!! to share with yoU!!!

So first off, something random and exciting happened.  I got an email from someone that saw this on another site, and was interested in buying the original.  After much thought and excitement and talking, I decided to price as I would like, and not sell myself short.  I have not heard back from the lady if she would still like it, and I am ok with whatever happens.   I don't want to sell something cheap just to sell it.  I think this is something we all need to think about.  How do you value yourself, your time, and your art.  It really is something to give a lot of thought to!

ok, I cannot believe I am posting a pic of myself without make-up...haha, but seriously, I did take this odd shot, and it was in my phone waiting to be seen!  hehe...

Mmm, avocado!!!

This is a journal page in my Smash book.  Yup, I am a sell out.  I don't make everything.  My girls love to Smash as well... it is a family affair! This is a pic of my friend Amy and I when we were like four.  We are still friends to this day!

Today was a sun shiny day in Colorado.  I was curious if my phone would capture a swing shot, and holy moly, it did!  This new iphone rocks my socks!

That's my babe, in our house.  My floor is always dirty like that as we have three kids, three cats, and a dog, and a bird.  I really do clean it all the time!!!

And last, but most happily not least, is my new wall of AWESOMENESS.  I am painting my hallway, just white again, and re-doing all the pics.  I am pretty pleased with this arrangement and will continue it like this down the next wall!  This is about as creative as I got this week!

Happy Weekend to you all!  Eat some pizza!!!


  1. that art and hopefully.she gets back to you...i am loving your photos...your photos and you look gorgeous...people sometimes ask me about selling my art and seriously i would never know what to put the price at...its way to hard...have a great

  2. It looks like you have been a busy lady. I love all the photos, they are wonderful as always. I am always having to clean too; we have five kids, three cats, and a dog. My house never looks all the way clean, but I'm okay with that most of the time.
    I have no idea about pricing-one of the things I have to work on before I open a shop. I hope that you can sell your painting, but it is good not to sell yourself short in the end.
    Have a good weekend and have some fun.

  3. I love it! The b & w shot of P, the pretty picture of you girls (you don't need makeup. no fair.) and the wall of awesomeness!!! LOVE THIS - and of course you would choose a white wall - of course. Because I currently have the majority of walls in my house robins egg blue (I know you're falling over in shock ;) and I told D that I want them all painted - plain ole cream! He looked at me like I was crazy . . ..
    Thank you for your sweet words too - I WOULD sent it to you for reals - but Dave actually likes this one so much that it is the first one he asked me to hang in the house - how cool is that! Many more of those to come I have a feeling.
    Okay, so you've been wanting a pair of designer jeans and finally go to get them: would it feel the same if you bought them at Nordstrom as it would if you got them at Nordstrom Rack? Same jeans, but one feels like a good buy and the other feels like a really special treat. In other words, I'm with you - there's something to be said about the experience of buying real art at a reasonable, but appropriate price. It's an experience and investment for the clients. I think anyway ;) xoxoxo

  4. OK...first, no make up - you are fabulous & you don't need it! Love the candid shots and the gallery wall looks great. I need one in my house. :) I have seen a lot of Smash Books - looks like fun!

  5. I always love looking at photos on blogs. Your kids are adorable, and I love all the artwork on your walls.


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