Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back and ready to work!

Hello hello!

I had a great vacation with the family to the bay area.  I am so happy to be home though.  My pants are tight tight tight from all the fabulous eating... Noooo!

I want to quickly share one little piece of my trip that make me more excited than you can imagine.  I went to Dick Blick in San Francisco!  I was like a little girl in a candy shop.  So happy.  I took my Christmas money and bought...

I seriously spent a 100  on crayons!  oh yes indeedy I did!  I also got some fun colorful papers, a few PITT pens (my fav) in different colors, and a little this and that.  Oh what fun I had.  Then I took a pic of the outside of the store, as I was so happy with my venture, and I think I turned my phone off before it finished loading...boo.  It was happy fun.  Very close to Union Square, night, lots of lights and people.  After my fun, we went to the Burger Bar in the Macy's building and I had the best veggie pesto burger in the land!  Then Maddy, my middle, and I had $10 milkshakes that were worth every cent!  Thank you for the fabulous night oh sister-in-law!

Here was our view from dinner!

and a few from dinner because she is just so cute!

Maddy was seriously not posing for this pic. Oh, love this girl!

oh cupcakes!  glad it just closed.  That milkshake was rich, and if this little shop of cuteness was open, we probably would have had a cupcake too!

It was a pretty nice trip indeed.  We went to Half Moon Bay and ran around the beach.  We went to many pretty parks, had family dinners, and I re-met my cousin once removed...I call him my cuz cuz.

I am so happy to be home, eating healthy, soon to be back in the gym, and soon to be learning and creating.  Life Book has begun and I am eager to start this as well. But first, I have to unpack, and put away Christmas...boo!

See you soon!


  1. sounds like a really nice time Daniele! Why is it, sadly, that all nice times involve TOO much food? WHY IS THAT?!? Ah well. What else does one do in winter???

  2. Oh..we have been mad busy you...had a great time...looks like you did too...10 dollar milk shakes..wowsers ...good to see you back...i need to buy some new paints and get back into it...happy crayoning ...xxx

  3. i could spend so much money in an art/craft store!
    your maddy is a pretty, sweet faced girlchild and i like her.
    now go to the gym and burn off that milkshake!

  4. If I ever get to California I would spend a fortune at Dick Blick and Dharma Trading Company. They are my favorite two stores ever. I am enjoying the Lifebook class very much, I hope that you do too. I love the gloves that Maddy is wearing, do you ever get to use them?

  5. Wow! What a fantastic trip! And to get to go to Dick Blick as well....just icing on a very LARGE cupcake!! LOL Thanks for the comment on my blog and good luck with LifeBook...it's bound to be fabulous. Happy 2012!

  6. WOW, what a fabulous trip, I would've gone nuts in that store, too, what FUN!! Happy New Year!


  7. Sounds like a fantastic trip!! I just got some crayons for Christmas...so I completely understand!! :) I am taking Life Book too. So many fantastic teachers, right!? Really looking forward to the year.
    AND...oh my gosh, your daughter is adorable!

  8. Oh, they are beautiful pictures and gorgeous girls!!! I LOVE the cupcake shot and of course that Caran D'ache display is ever-lovin' perfection! I did the SAME thing last Summer when I discovered (with a gasp) a Blick in San Diego. It is pure heaven. AND the perfect place to spend your Christmas loot!
    Good luck with the Christmas packing - mine have not made it off of the pool table. Maybe tomorrow . . . xoxoxo

  9. Oh, I'm SO jealous that you visited a Dick Blick! It must have been heaven! :)

  10. Looks like you had a great trip. Been to Dick Blick myself. Almost got lost. hee hee hee


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