Monday, January 23, 2012

Vision Board

Just a quick note today.  I am feeling really rotten and just plain not great. ... Uber lethargic, but there is so much housework to do.  Boo.  I took a two hour nap with babe, but I'm not feeling any better.

This is my Dream Board, I call Vision Board, for Lifebook.  I am going to add this page into the book itself.  I don't like or dislike it, but journaling your goals is always good.

I think this week, I am going to focus my learning on editing, and work on my home.  I have a couple sets of pics, I shot in RAW (made the switch) and manual (I am so proud).  One set is from Half Moon Bay from last month.  I really want to see if I got any good ones.  Also, a trip to the zoo this weekend with my chicks. And my home needs some love.

See you all soon, and I'll post some pics throughout the week, if they are any good!

oh wait, I'm not done.  See, my posts can't be too quick.  Suddenly I am feeling a wee bit perky!

On Sat, after the zoo with my babes, I went on an alone date.  Can you tell I was happy!!!

 And on Sunday, I went scrapping with the girls, and Miss Maddy too.  I worked on my altered cereal box journal...which has turned into my pregnancy book! (Pregnant with Paige that is!)

I am pretty excited about this book, and hope to dabble in it a bit this week, you know, during all my down time!  :)


  1. Wow a pregnancy book, what a cute idea! Love your vision board too!!! Hope you are feeling better! Deb

  2. Your photos make me want to take a closer look and thumb through those pages! So inviting and beautiful.
    Catherine Denton

  3. your vision page is perfect and your pregnancy look looks fabulous...hope you feel better

  4. Okay. Weird. On the way out of town (by myself ;) I went to B&N - and bought THAT mag and had THAT coffee (or at least it looks like it ;) and I LOVED IT TOO!!!!
    Your weekend sounds fab and I LOVE the results of your creative time with the girls - your book is going to be GORGEOUS and such a special keepsake. It is all so pretty, and I love your dream board too - especially with the little legs holding it up in the background ;) Pretty, pretty colors and details everywhere! xoxo

  5. So sorry to hear you're not feelin' good, lots of stuff going around this time of year :( Your vision board is awesome, love that design (top photo) is that a stencil? And what a fun album you're making!


  6. I hope you are feeling better soon!! Boo! Total BOO for housework too. But, YAY for shooting in RAW. You go!! I am just starting...I mean way shoot manual for practice. I LOVE taking pictures and need to no longer rely on "crutches" know what I mean? :) Great Vision Board. I still need to do mine. Hopefully this week. xxoo

  7. I really love the piece in your first photo. Is that underneath your vision board, or the backside? Anyway I love the background. I hope that you feel better soon. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the house work lately, but I have been ignoring all but the essentials. Bad me. At the end of the school year my oldest graduates high school and we will be having an open house, so I had better get a move on with some large cleaning projects. Art is way more fun though. I love your pregnancy book. That is a really neat idea. Have a good week and make a little time for creating.

  8. Hope you feeling better soon! I love the idea of a vision board...very cool! :-)


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