Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another in the snow. Learning.

I know that this is a bit much, but I think I am finding my style.  I love color and brightness and things that make me happy.  Daily life is filled with so much work, so much struggle.  I love to watch my girls, even my oldest here, just play and be. It is very colorful to me!

It's funny.  I am so attracted the beautiful browns in photography and editing. The brown textures, the look of days past, yet I never edited this way.  I guess I am really finding me, yet loving the work of others.  Good balance I believe!

and I finally edited this.  Pretzel Love!

and one with texture?  I love them both.


  1. I just so love this shot and the ones before it. The colors are the contrast are wonderful.

  2. These are gorgeous! Love that first one. And way to find your style!

  3. I love the way the colors pop in the first one. And nice edits on the pretzel love pics.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Your pictures are beautiful, and I agree-- I'd have a hard time picking between the regular or textured version of the pretzel love picture--- either way it is a wonderful composition!

  5. I just can't stop looking at your blog. The photography is stunning


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