Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Right now.

Right when I think, I don't want to hold anymore.  This small child in my lap, molds completely into me.

I was resisting, so tired.  Warn from this all day.

But now, I give in, and she looks at me and smiles.

She lays her head against my chest, and we are both so happy.

Why do I tire of this?  There is nothing sweeter.

Look at her toes curl.  Feel her soft round cheeks.  Her breath.  Her smell.

Sit with her and relax.  Do nothing, as nothing is so important as this.

This moment is why I live.

Don't forget this.  Must not forget.


  1. it's hard to just stop & sit still with your kids & do nothing, isn't it? something always seems more important. that logic is flawed.

  2. What a gorgeous little girl you have! With the wispy curls, the long lashes... And you captured her beautifully!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog! Hope you come back again soon! :)

  3. Hold on to it, we don't get cuddle time very often.


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