Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love Grows in Small Places

if you're familiar with my family blog, you will know this.  It has truly become our homes staying, and I use it often.  It just fits.

Today, I struggled to mother and keep house because this just started flowing.  It is hard for me to stop when a piece is coming together so wonderfully.  I have never done a collage quite like this one, and I am so pleased. I am also so pleased I could finish this tonight. Once I have started, and it isn't just right, I struggle to rest until it is.  I hope you like this.  It just is me.

and here is how it all started!

This was originally an image transfer gone wrong!  So, I began to collage scraps together.

then I felt it needed to be stronger, so I added lots of masking tape, and painted!

and painted, and painted and painted!

and scratched a photo, painted some more, and painted some more, and finished with more paper and detail with pen!

I am going to make Valentines cards from this piece. To do this, print a nice copy, and matte, and glue onto a card!  Completely original, and personal!  I heart it, and Love (truly) Grows in Small Places.
For Valentines photo card visit The Paper Mama here!


  1. Danielle...I hope it's okay that I answer you here. You did a wonderful job. I have wondered how you make these. This one is beautiful!

  2. This is just beautiful! The texture is amazing, and I love the colors and how you did so many wonderful techniques. And the laughing angel baby is just too adorable. Love it!

  3. I love it! Just love all the textures and colors :O)

  4. HI Danielle, okay, now I recognize you from your old blog! Yes, I'd be honored for you to put my book on the sidebar!

    I love this piece you've done! You know my preference for arches, etc.- love it!

  5. This is beautiful : ) I love creative people. I think they make the world a much better place! Love your work!


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