Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'll keep me.

On an outing to The Children's museum, I was stuck with fashionable moms and little ones everywhere.  I felt oddly out, but then I saw myself in the mirror, and really liked today's look.  Hmm, thought I, I must just really like me!  I must admit, some of those little girls looked pretty cute, but I guess I am just not today, in today's fashion world.  I guess we will just have to be, as we should be.

This almost makes me want to start a dress as art post.  Almost.  Perhaps in the spring!

Resolution?  Loving me!

and since I messed up and linked my resolution for my children to this post... I resolve to let my kids be kids.  I will give in and let go, because keeping it all in makes me a frustrated and tired mother.  And I am a firm believer that children must make mess to learn, and this mess makes childhood even grander!

I linked up here!  I messed up with the linky deal. Sorry.  I am in great need of sleep tonight!


  1. Before I forget thanks for the shout out in your sidebar! That made my day :O) I love that you are being you! Such a fun photo :O)

  2. Fun picture! You are so funny, you always look great, who cares what is fashionable! You are a fun artful mom, what's better than that?!

  3. I love what you said - be happy being you. Were you at the Philly please touch museum?

    When I'm out with our children 99% of the time I am anything but fashionable. Jeans, sweater, jacket UGG's.

    I am confident if you try and practice the water drop shots you will get it! If you need any help along the way let me know!


  4. I love the purple mess, but I don't have to clean it up :)

  5. Children's museums are always fun...and the fingerpainting pic is priceless. I remember loving that when I was little. :)

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Love your Reflection self portrait!


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