Monday, January 10, 2011

For a dog.

It has been two years this month.  My love, my boy has been gone.  I have let him go finally, but I long for his smile, his tail hitting the floor in excitement, his collar to jingle.  But I know he is gone, and I have moved on.  The girls really want another dog, and Kelsey really wants to save a shelter dog.  I think I am ready.  But they need to work for something, and we don't have much money now, so the girls and I have come up with a fundraiser for my friends.  We are making artwork to sell.  Once they reach $200, we said we can find a dog to adopt.  They are old enough now, and know they must take full responsibility.  This includes poop!

So, this is our first piece to raise money for a dog. We are making nice prints, but keeping the original, because it is way too awesome!

Kelsey collaged this bird, and I helped her with some of the painting.  She also did the clouds, and wording.  The bird is so her style.  It was really great making this together, which is something we rarely do.  At 10, she pretty much is into her thing, her style, and I think at 34, I am pretty much the same!

And to my love, my 90lb golden sweetness.  Love never dies.  I miss you daily.  I can still hear you.  I can still smell you.  I long for you, but I know it was your time.  Sweet, loving boy.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. We also have a 90+ pound golden named Honey. She's only 2 and we love her dearly. It seems as though she has been with us forever.

    I wish you the best in your fundraising efforts and look forward to seeing pictures of your newest addition.

  2. What a beautiful post :O) I just posted a picture of my dog :O) She is still with us. I love that you are helping to teach your kids responsibility!!

  3. What a beautiful puppy. I have an eight year old golden and they are the kindest hearted dogs around. So sorry for your loss. :(

  4. oh my gosh, this makes me teary. my parents have 2 goldens who are so old & fragile now & i adore them, but know that their times are coming soon. i'm sorry your lost your sweet furbaby.


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