Sunday, January 9, 2011

with a blink

and it's been nearly 3 months since I have created anything for me, or for the sake of creating for my spirit, other than taking many photos.  And although I am thankful that I have found photography a necessity, I need more.  The holidays, traveling to Florida, the holidays, then traveling to California has been a happy, yet hectic mess of do-mode, and I am needed life to slow down now, and focus on the simple life, taking photos, learning, and creating.  It's time to get my hands dirty and play.  I have been stuck in editing mode, but I am just ready to freely be and create, without thinking of proper technique and general know-how.
Happily, the girls spent a part of our weekend making recycled projects.  ...and the joy this brings me!

and I took some photos in the snow today. I love the look of a child, even an older child, enthralled in the moment. This moment is so pure, and simple.  How I wish all her moments where this way.  Please my love, remember these times.

I rarely take photos of Rose, aka Princess Fluffy Butt, but she looked so beautiful in the white snow.  This isn't really my style, but it's so classic and clean. She really is a lovely cat, aside from her attitude!

I linked this fluffy beauty here.  This is my edited version.  Oops, I didn't read the instructions well.

and unedited.  I guess I will do things my way this week, and read directions better next time.


  1. LOL! no worries - thanks for joining in!


  2. Love love love all the pictures. I love how you can see the snow flakes in kelsey's hair. I also love how bright the cat picture turned out!

  3. Great capture and beautiful edit.

  4. Wonderful photos! I love the cat shot - we have a tortishell who is similar in colors and has quite the attitude too. hehe tfs!

  5. Oh these are great! Love your kitty cat!

  6. Princess Fluffy Butt does indeed look so beautiful in the snow! And I can't believe she is putting up with the cold and wet!

  7. Great shot, even though I'm not a cat person :)and now you've already got your edit for thursday :)

  8. Thank so much for the sweet comment about my painting!

    And what a beautiful cat! I love calicos. I've got a cat at home that sounds like her- he's a handsome looking cat, but boy, his attitude could use some work!! Ha ha!

  9. hehe! You're just ahead of the game! Love your kitty shot. And the one of your daughter in the snow - just beautiful!


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