Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog effort

This may seem silly, but I have been making the transition to this new blog, for myself, and I just haven't been happy with the look.  So, here I am, trying to remember now on earth I set up my old blog, because I love it's simple look, yet altered HTML numbers!  Oh, how I love a wide blog with large photos!  So, I must not stay up all night figuring this out, as I do have three chick-a-dees needing me way too early in the morn.  Let's hope I can figure this all out, before I make myself insane, and I do stay up, or stop mothering, and all three!


So, all said, please don't judge my blog in it's altered, non polished, state!  It will get there.  Just may take me a few days!

And because I just cannot post without a photo, here is one of some cupcake liners, you know the ones in between the foil ones, that I sprayed and stenciled.  Oh, spray love!


  1. did you get a friend request from me on facebook?

  2. I love wider blogs to but am clueless....pass on the info if you figure it out I'd love that!! xx


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