Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flashback to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Because we love Harry soooo much...we named our bird after him, read aloud the novels almost daily, watch the movies nearly every weekend, listen to the music in the car! you have to beg Grandma to take the family to Orlando for Thanksgiving...for the kids, of course!

I am making our photo journal of our trip, so the pics are fresh in my mind.  What a better time than now to share here too.  ...and since one of my best friends ever just moved to FL, we are planning a trip next winter to go visit her... and of course to get more butterbeer!

Looking up at its grandness! 

Shop window, and me!

oh Gilderoy! you Wizardly Wizard you!  (haha) ...There were moving pictures and all!
Allow me to introduce you to your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher; me. Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Third Class, Honorary member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five time winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award. But I don't talk about that; I didn't get rid of the Banden Banshee by smiling at him.

Kelsey is in Ravenclaw! but Maddy is Gryffindor the whole way!  BTW, Butterbeer is the most delicious drink on this earth!  I am not exaggerating.  We drank so many, we couldn't stop.  Even hubs came back from the bathroom with another mug of thick sugary cream goodness!  oh my...

Honeydukes Sweet Shop!
oh yes!

Hogwarts at night! oooh...  The inside was absolutely outstanding! 

When our wizarding adventure was over, two days worth of intense crowds and heat (Colorado girl here, not used to heat and humidity at the end of November!) we made our way to Disney and this is the picture I took from outside our room.  Oh heaven.  I didn't care so much about the Disney part, but staying at Disney was a whole different story.  It was beautiful and fun!
I saved a treat for the girls from Honeydukes though.  When we got into our hotels and pulled out a surprise!


  1. the similarities do not stop....seriously I have lined up every book ...Jacobs first words, besides mum and dad...were....ha-i baby talk for harry potter...we are harry potter mad...crazy....i want to meet the actors one would be my little guys dream jealous and green with envy..those photos are fabulous...wish we were there with

  2. Ack! I LOVE Harry Potter!! The books the movies, you name it :) I've been curious about the Amusement looks absolutely fantastic! & what glorious captures you've got for all time :D

  3. Ah yes, we have many of those same photos. My kids had such a great time there.

  4. Oh. My gosh.

    My husband, would die of a Harry Potter induced heart attack.

    I never read the books, so I can't really join y'all for a geek out session, but- that DOES look like a lot of fun.

    We have what I call "Harry Potter Season", haha. From October through the end of December, my husband can watch as much Harry Potter as he wants. I feel like Harry Potter can only be watched when its cloudy, and we're most likely to have clouds during those months (Texas and all). Oh, and he gets a free pass on his birthday weekend too :D

  5. out of all the flashback fridays i have seen i liked this one the best..i am not a harry potter fan but, this made me want to be one.. so awesome

  6. Oh could I have a hay day in that candy store! Fun!

  7. ohmygosh these are so awesome! My son and my whole family is sooo into harry potter too! we are hoping to go to harry potter land this summer. very cool.


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