Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today I went searching.

for something I remembered wrong, and didn't find.  Clearly, it just doesn't exist.  But what does exist is this man, jammin' to his own tune.  I think we should all jam to our own beat.  Leave behind all ideals of what we should do, and do what we truly feel within.

This photo makes me really happy.  So, not what I went out looking for, but here I sit, dancing along to this tune!

and my friend wore green shoes!


  1. love that photo and those greem shoes...i want

  2. So true! We should all dance to the beat of our own drum! Love the feel of this shot :) & the green shoes as well!

  3. ha. amazing how we find just what we need and not at all what we're looking for! lol :)

    I love these photos--both of them! And I agree...I would so love to jam to my own beat!! :)

  4. Cute photos. Love the second one.

  5. Love the photos. We should definitely all jam to our own beats. Totally agree!

  6. Thanks for the comments on the shoes, ladies. Those would be mine. :)


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