Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A tiny project, con't

I worked a little more, and I mean very little, on this book about Kels this week.  My mom was in town, and we were busy buying her a house!  ...and we went shopping and on dates too!

I posted a little about this book a couple weeks back.  It is really my therapy about my Kelsey, and her struggles.  I am so happy with how it is turning out. And when I think about her, and her hardships, and the energy it takes at times, I always come down to the simple truth that she is my girl, and I think she is perfect.

These are a bit dark, I know.  I am not in editing mode today, and the skies are gloomy.  There are black pom poms on the top!  Down below is a work in progress pic!
 Decided on no buttons.  Not really Kelsey.
This mini book is simply paper.  Most of it is doubled up and sewn together. I love the colors and crazy mess which really is Kelsey.    The text is the story My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss.

Some days are yellow.
Some are blue.
On different days I'm different too.
You'd be surprised how many ways
I change on Different Colored Days.

On Bright Red Days
how good it feels 
to be a horse
and KICK my heels!

On other days I'm other things.
On Bright Blue Days
I flap my wings.

Some days, of course,
feel sort of Brown.
Then I feel slow
and low,

Then comes a Yellow Day.
I am a busy buzzy bee.

Gray Day...Everything is gray.
I watch.  But nothing moved today.

Then all of a sudden 
I'm a circus seal!

On my Orange Days 
that's how I feel.

Green Days.  Deep deep in the sea.
Cool and quiet fish. That's me.

On purple Days
I'm sad.
I groan.  
I drag my tail.  
I walk alone.

But when my days are Happy Pink
it's great to jump
and just not think.

Then comes my Black Days.
And loud.
I howl.
I growl at every cloud.

Then comes a Mixed-Up Day.
and WHAM!
I don't know 
or what
I am!

But it all turns out all right,
you see.
And I go back 
to being...


  1. Your posts are always so inspirational. This little Dr. Seuss entry speaks such volumes. Well done with this book, it's beautiful!

  2. I've never read that before, it's great! I love the project, it's awesome, just like Kelsey!

  3. fab book...you know one of my favourite inspirational books is dr suess....oh the places you'll go...i thought i knew all of the books but i have NEVER seen my many coloured days...now i'll have to go on the hunt!!!take care my friend...xxx

  4. this is just beautiful, danielle!! I love it! :)

  5. i've never read that poem before.
    brooke often describes her feelings in colors. does kelsy do that too? i wonder if brooke would like this poem or just be annoyed with it because it doesn't list the colors with the feelings she has for them.


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