Monday, April 25, 2011

Sewing Sewing Sewing

My deadline is quickly approaching.  Madison turns 9 in less than two weeks.  I have work to do!  I will admit, this is not an easy task with Paiger near by, but we're doing it, and I am giddy with the results.  I am seriously feeling joyful once again.

(I've been sewing sew ( much, Paige woke up and told me "I want to sew Mama!"  haha, not even 2 yet!

Go here to see the first pics of these shabby, organic, adventure of mine!


  1. your blog is so beautiful and full of life - love it! so glad you visited my blog and left me a charming comment - thanks!
    hoping you have a wonderful week
    amy of four corners design

  2. OH! I want to make shabby, organic adventures. That's it. I have to stop being daunted by threading the bobbin, and pull that sewing machine out of storage.

  3. oh Karen! Thread that bobbin!!! hehe!

  4. Um. K. Your blog is amazing. I am so happy for your comment so I could find you . . . Congrats on all of your published work - I can totally see why. You make me want to scrap again - and I agree! Cory's book is my all time fav. too! You are a girl after my own heart! Kristin xo

  5. this image looks fantastic and i must admit i have been into sewing lately....gotta love it...take

  6. How I envy your sewing ability! I can't stitch to save my life. I came here for a visit and am loving your work so now I have tea to accompany my reading of your blog. Its a great place to linger. penny


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