Sunday, April 3, 2011

Works in Progress

First off, and this takes on 100% of my every speck of time and patience, I am just trying to get through Paige at 21 months! No kidding.  She seriously is sucking the life out of me, and if I survive, I will then know that I can do anything!

Second, I am always, ever so slowly, working on 2007 family album. Here is a pic of the second half of the year, and I believe I will be done with it in the next moth or so...maybe!

I am also working on four mini albums.  This one pictures here below is made from paper and fabric scraps, and is all about Kelsey and Aspergers.  This has been a my personal therapy. Two are about me, and The last one is my very favorite of all, pregnancy book of Paige. This one is turning out amazing, and I might finish it in five or so years!

Remember this?

Well, I am at the lids again.  Here is a peak.  Hopefully, it will be done in a week or so! The Theme?
We have too many coke cans in our recycling bin.  These are going to be wired into an old glassless frame, painted black. Husband is helping me!

and the biggest project I am squeezing in, is a scrappy quilt for my Madison.  Her birthday is in May, and she will be 9 (holy no way!) and I wanted to do something really special, and really her.  All the material are scraps, baby clothes etc.  I am really excited, and really hope I can finish it in time.  No fotos yet, but I can't wait to see this come to life.

And on a home note, we just had our Spring Break.  We had a few outings and such, but the highlight was we built a fort in our living room, and the girls camped out.  Each night we had a different camping treat, smores and such, and the girls were giddy with happy camping-in-our-living-room times!

and for a few quick snapshots...
Maddy took to her own sewing project!

 I love watching my almost 9 year old sew!
 The campsite!
 Madison's finished project. A scarf.  This is what she wore on an outing.  She looked way too cute!

They watched movies while camping. They camped 3 or 4 nights.  Can't remember.  And it was warm too!


  1. you are ridiculously ambitious with all those projects going at a time! you'd think you had a lot of free time or something!
    what a fun idea to let them camp in the living room! it's always nice when you can find ways to change things up for kids who are home a lot to keep life interesting. good job!

  2. hi there..thanks for popping by my blog...its a long story hey!!!its gone by so quickly I can't believe it...loving all your projects, and would you believe I started scrapping when the twins were 6 months old as help me bond with them and make me realise they were actually was the best thing i ever did, as it has taken me on an amazing art journey, and helped me discover lovely bloggy friends...oh...i am going to have a loungeroom camp out with my kids in the hols...they are coming up at the end of this for the

  3. I totally love that lid project with the hanger! That is so great! You should submit to Somerset Memories. I bet they pick it up!

    I have a 9 year old sewer too. I too love to watch her. She's probably better than me already! :)

  4. I *love* that project with the lids! I will have to give that one a try!


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