Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This week has somewhat been normal. School, homeschooling, eating, cleaning, laughing, playing.  Not much time for arting, or blogging, but I have taken some baby steps in life this week, with hopeful outcomes, and moving towards future dreams.

My mom is also here, looking for a house to buy.  She has been planning on moving here, and is now able.  Retirement is treating her well!  And she brought me out this picture, taken when I was 3, with Augie the Doggie, to use in my childhood journal.  LOVE this photo.  I was so round and chubby, white and cute! Augie the Doggie was my first love.

I have had some physical ailments this year.  It has taken over my life, and I am starting to believe has also caused many of my mental struggles. Yesterday I went to the dr. to help makes these all better.  I am hopeful that the cause of my issues is what we think, and it is now gone, and I can get back to being myself.  I really hope, because a year of sickness, emotions and such, have not been good for our family. I am ready for balance again.  Really really ready. Sadly, I woke up with the same sickness I have been having this year, but let's hope it just takes a few days.

There are a couple things working against me.  I must find my balance.

Back to my mother's visit.  She helped with watch baby so I could go to Dr.  And baby was happy! Oh, relief!  Paige is changing so much lately, and learning to trust others.  This has been ever so helpful and well accepted. After a rather painful Dr. experience, we all went to Cinzetti's.  We don't eat out really, ever, with the youngling, and I was fearful.  ...but she was delightful.  So good, sweet, cute.  Paiger sat in a big girl chair, napkin tucked into her clean light pink shirt, and she ate with her fork, and it was just too cute.  She had no issues when I got up to get my food, and desserts!!!, and again, I was just flabbergasted at my little young lady. Papa showed up as we were about to leave, so Kels and I took Paige home, and let hubs eat with Grandma, and give Madison more time for her 5th helping of dessert.  Oh, that place is just too much!  Too much everything, and it was a fantastic end to our day.

Here is a recent photo I took of Paiger.  Must edit out Bella.  I am thinking of painting the background in this one.  Something very girly. Wings perhaps.  Overdone?  Maybe.


  1. i think wings on that picture would be adorable!
    so is your mom moving close a good thing?

  2. ha...not sure! :P but I think yes, it should be fine!

  3. Sooo love the pic of you and Augie the doggie. Working toward life goals and balance in life is as important as actually achieving them I think. Good for you for taking those steps. Also, wings would be divine. :)

  4. what lovely pictures! Sorry to hear you've been having some ailments. How bout my sh*tty thyroid and your ailments get together for a play date!

  5. Thanks ladies for your niceties! Love bloggy friends!

  6. Paige is beautiful! I miss seeing her on fb! I absolutely love reading your blog when I can! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points!!!!!

  7. your photography and art is beautiful! and Im a total sucker for a bebe in a cloth diaper <3


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