Friday, March 18, 2011

It has been two years.

since I've looked like this.  Part of me longs for just one more.  Possibly a boy?  Part of me is scared to death.
I guess for now, I'll work on my pregnancy journal, and love everything as it is.

btw, I am pretty certain I know the answer, so I think I'll spend my time working on my journal, reflecting on the beauty of the last pregnancy.  


  1. gorgeous! i don't have a single pic of my pregnant belly because the stretch marks were so unpretty, but if mine had looked like yours, i'd have a whole album full!

  2. Wow. Great photo.

  3. Sherilin, I have tons of stretchmarks, TONS. It is all about the angle, and bright light shining on the skin, and turning it to b&w...and then you don't really see them. I guess you could photoshop as well, but I try not to take away imperfections digitally, as they are what they are!

    I wish you had a photo though. Even with clothes on? You have those, right? It is such a time to cherish, even when you spend 9 months a the toilet and still get fat! :P


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