Monday, March 14, 2011

feel this joy.

It is important to skip!
and dance around, carelessly.
and laugh a lot.
and walk tall.
and it's very important to stand with your sister, wearing your own style and totally being you.
and don't forget to jump!

*Thank you Robin for making me go out and take some photos.  I needed it!*

and a little extra picture for texture thursday...
it's still pretty brown here.

(if you're visiting from Texture Thursday, I just posted a new post where I blended this dead grass on a photo of my girls, on railroad tracks.  I'd love to know if it is a good blend, or not!

The Daily Wyatt


  1. I just love these. The processing is so beautiful; such great, suuny atmosphere!

  2. These shots are so much fun, they totally put a smile on my face :)

  3. Gorgeous photos...I really love the joy and feeling of spring they portray. And, oh, to be young enough to actually enjoy jumping again... ;D

  4. I love them all. We need a play/photog date so you can finally start to show me the ropes!!

  5. those are FANTASTIC photos. Just love a photo post. They're always much fun!

  6. nice feel-good post! i love the plaid skirt with klunky boots look.

  7. These are fabulous!! I love the wording you choose to go with the pictures! Beautiful PP!!


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