Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My thoughts today.

To begin, it is a gorgeous sunny Denver springy day.  It only took forever to get us all ready and out the door, of course.  Hot coffee in hand, and Kelsey did not drink all my vanilla soy milk, and we are at the dog park,  and it was perfect.  Paige was talking to all the Labs and offering them my coffee!  She said, doggie, want coffee?  Then I looked around and saw the most amazing thing.  This may mean nothing to most people, but to those with children with special needs, or Aspergers specifically, you may understand.  Kelsey was in the small dog area playing with the dogs, and somewhat socializing with the adults!!!, and then I saw her open the gate for an older lady with three dogs.  She stood there, a little shy and Kelsey-like, but she kept that gate open until this lady was all the way inside.  I cannot describe how I felt.  One, oh my, she is doing it.  She is growing up and getting it.  Two, she was thinking of a stranger, instead of cowering away.  I just cannot really express how I am feeling.   Later on, Bella was being a naughty sort of youngling, that she is, and Kelsey went over to try to help the situation.  This was hard for her.  Kelsey pulls back and doesn't understand how to just go in and do something.  But she was really trying.  Really trying!!!  The list just went on and on.  Growing up.  Acting helpful.  I know she struggles, but today, sun bright, my Kelsey shined!

unfortunately, the rest of the day did not go so well.  breathe.

We went home for lunch, and smoothies.  Paige ate at her kitchen on our torn apart deck.

Kelsey enjoyed the sun, but didn't enjoy me taking pictures!

Time for homeschool and nap, and everything else that awaits us today!

And let me introduce on more time, a very naughty little lad.  Bella!


  1. & thank you for the kind words on my blog!! I heart your pup! What a face, getting in to trouble but still so sweet :)

  2. These are great!! Your puppy is so stinkin' cute!

  3. Yay Kelsey!!! That is awesome!


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