Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finding Peace with Baby

These past few days, or week, I have not felt well.  Just a yucky cold, but you know, head stuffed and everything is just hard.  (happily, and on an extreme side note, my lovely neighbor gave me Gilmore Girls, season 1, and I have been glued.  oh, so in love.  Late nights may be in order for a while, as I cannot stop watching this show!)

so, back to my tale of love and peace.  Paige has been changing.  I have seen this huge shift from baby, to older baby, to little girl, especially this week.  Aside from her astounding communication, she is leaving my side.  Suddenly she is off playing with her sisters, and even at the neighbors!  She is not screaming to have me at her side, each moment, and is trusting in others.  While this is happening, and I am going through the never ending debate in my head to be complete, or to complete, I am finding Paige this little buddy of mine.   I am so connected to this lady.  We sit on the couch and talk!  She is 21 months now, and we talk and talk. We do things together like little friends, and I really see this with her and Kelsey as well.  And though congestion, and lethargy, I smile.  Wow, this little lady fills us up, and everything is just not that hard anymore.

Dark shots, I know.  Edit later! I love this progression.
Paige was having a little conversation with herself in the bathroom mirror!  It was pretty cool!

and little bangs from Mama!
Paiger.  Full of life, zest, spunk, and love.  She pushes me to my end, but brings me right back again.
Yesterday, I let go of trying to find any artistic type shot.  I snapshot!  I a firm believer in still putting my camera on auto, so I can ever so quickly, take pictures of my girls.  Composition, depth of field, exposure, all out.  But capturing this cute smile, her happy mood, a nice day, totally in.  These photos are just as important, and I love them!


  1. she's adorable & i love her little crinkled nose in a couple of the smiling shots.
    sometimes, the artistry is less important & just capturing the moment is of great value.

  2. hehe, thanks. She crinkles a lot! I don't know why I just went so baby crazy on my blog, I guess I needed to put it out there that she is the cutest 21 month old in the land of Valois!

  3. oh...she is adorable...i also lov her little nose and the crinkled up look it gets...gor-gee-ous!!!!


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