Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick, silly, selfies.

Ok, I am not the kind of person that looks good just standing smiling in a picture.  BUt I love to make faces, and be all pretend-I'm-hot or something.  It is just too fun. I took these, while getting ready, baby on the counter, talking to hubs on the phone.  It makes me laugh that I did this, but what the heck...I'm silly!
ha, flash my accident, but love the glare in my eyes!

 I really was talking to my hubs, making that face in the mirror, and taking my photo, while telling the babe to leave Mama's make-up alone!
gotta have a goofy shot!

There is totally a big rage in blog land to take selfies, and do I am beautiful projects with self portraits.  It is really awesome and empowering, and if I find some time, I may join in!  Everyone needs to tell themselves they're beautiful!


  1. the only way i get pics of me is if i take them of myself!
    you look pretty. and kinda like pink in the last 2.

  2. Fun! It's true, not easy to get a picture of yourself unless you take it :) Yeah for multi tasking too. Very you


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