Friday, March 11, 2011

I am thinking only of love.

Today is a sad day.  My stomach aches for Japan.  I keep thinking about what these disasters do to us, and how we really do come together as human beings to help one another, our hearts bleed, and we care.  We really do care, because we are human, and we love.

I was writing in my journal, sitting next to baby in the bath, hearing the girls downstairs, actually not fighting, and my heart filled up with love.  I cannot do anything to help the people of Japan, but can mourn, and care, and teach my children about love.  Suddenly, all the hard times, like yesterday, and this past couple weeks feeling grief and frustration, are gone, and I think only of love.

then I began working on this in my journal.  Kelsey and Maddy, a long time ago!!!

Today is also flashback friday, a blog day I really look forward to, as I love to look back and reflect.  Sometimes my reflections are hard, and other times just fun, but today, I just think about looking back, and the only thing I ever think of is my family.  Love.  I never reflect anymore about broken days, about my childhood (unless doing a healing course), about high school. I only think of the people in my life that fill me with love.

So today, I show some random, happy, snapshots from last year.

Photos of my girls hanging out together, just make me light up.  Doesn't baby Paiger look like she is playing XBox with Kels?  Ha (big ol' smile!)

oh, the tender moments. I am so sappy!

and these two!

Coming home to this...heart melting.

and big daddy, watching a movie like this...

Sisters. Fill me up with so much Love!


  1. Your family is just so beautiful! I just admire all the love you can see between the girls, and I can only hope that someday when I have more than one child, that my children will show so much love towards each other! I laughed at the pic of Paige in the bumbo- I forgot how adorably chubby she was!!! Makes Sophia look skinny ;) XOXO

  2. All of these pictures were very heartwarming <3

  3. those are delightful pictures! no wonder you're feeling the love while looking at them!


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